Saving Lives Fitness

Brand Discovery & Development + Copywriting + Apparel Design

Top Notch Training all with a drive to help those in need in tangible ways.



In short, build the brand from the ground up.

The client came with a name and with a mission of building a business that married the love of whole-person wellness with a passion for changing the lives of those in need by donating to addiction recovery and meeting physical needs in the community. REMEDY was tasked with building the entire brand to show a fierce & focused commitment to both healthy people (in body, mind, & spirit) and the health of the community, as the two go hand-in-hand.

saving lives fitness logo that Remedy branded


Our inspiration for the logo's brandmark came from the hexagonal shape of the end of a weight-lifting dumbbell.

Like the journey to fitness, as well as addiction recovery, the "S" of the logo has a path through it with some twists and turns, but ultimately leads out to freedom on the other side.

The top and bottom of the "S" resemble two hands reaching out for each other. This speaks directly to SLF's mission to give hope and lend a hand to those in need.


Grind. Sweat. Give. Mental, physical, and spiritual health of the whole person is what Saving Lives Fitness is all about. We developed this slogan to connect each of those uniquely important components of complete health together, while maintaining their distinction from each other by using the periods.

Man wrapping hands for boxing in gym wearing Saving Lives Fitness hoodie
Saving Lives Fitness Brand Colors Blues and Grey


Refreshing and alive, the Saving Lives Fitness color palette is designed to make viewers feel lighter and renewed. It promotes a cooler atmosphere and creates a vital sense of accomplishment for its various gym members' minds, bodies, and souls. The energized color palette also represents the gym's mission of bringing new life to the community around it.

saving lives fitness brand mark variations


A symbol of success & saving lives. In addition to their logo lockup, we created a brand mark with a strategic purpose of giving SLF a scalable advantage. Not only can it be used for a variety of  applications, such as social media profiles, the brandmark is used to promote greater brand awareness and make scalability for the brand more seamless.


Strategically designed to fuel brand loyalty. Thoughtfully designed products and print applications help create the culture of Saving Lives Fitness. Developing culture breeds brand loyalty and a sense of belonging with the brand that can take it into places and conversations that you can't necessarily market. 

Saving Lives Fitness sports bra on model in gym
hand with phone showing QR code from Saving Lives Fitness Campaign


We crafted the concept, design, and copywriting to match SLF's outreach goals for this campaign. The goal here was to poke at the curiosity of the human spirit and prod the innate longing to be a part of something bigger than oneself. The campaign ad calls out to that deep desire in all of us to join a force for change & the power of good.

With the resurgence of QR codes in 2021, we decided to include one that links to a video about how SLF members truly give hope to those in need. It's not just a slogan. It's real lives. People want the truth and to be a part of genuine change. The video is an open invitation for them to see for themselves.

Video is powerful. Combining this strategic marketing campaign with video extends the reach & brand awareness, as well as leads people one step closer to joining the mission themselves.

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