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How Facebook Ads Can Amp Up Business

It’s time for your business to capitalize on lower advertising costs through social media platforms. Running ads on social media allows you to connect with your customer base to create personalized brand experiences through targeted advertising. From our experience, here’s what we’d recommend for your team when running ads on Facebook and *Instagram in order to see impactful results. 

* Instagram ads are run through Facebook. When you create an ad on Facebook you can choose where you want to place it on Instagram. Throughout this blog, when referring to Facebook ads the same information is applied to Instagram. 

Value of A Well Thought Out Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook advertising is built around taking advantage of your customer’s specific interests. Advertisements on this platform should be extremely deliberate in who you target and adhere to several specific guidelines in order to ensure you’ll maximize your return on time and funds invested in the platform. 

Drill Down and Be Very Specific in Your Audience Targeting

Your initial instinct might be to create advertisements that will reach the largest, broadest audience possible, but with Facebook, that would end up being a waste of your advertising dollars. Understand your targeted demographic up front, and then use Facebook’s marketing tools to drill down your target audience to as refined a group as possible. 

Do you have a product that will specifically help females between the ages of 24-35 in Chicago who have tattoos? Perfect! You can specifically target these individuals based on their Facebook profiles. Facebook advertising stresses the importance of knowing your target customers. Following this tactic will ensure the maximum engagement with your posted ads.

Use Visual, Relevant Content to Drive Engagement

The key to creating effective Facebook content is creating ads and posts your readers are most likely to share with others. You’re relying on the tendency of consumers to share brands and content that is meaningful to them with like-minded friends and family, giving your brand a built-in exposure boost. Giving them something visual — photos or video — will improve the likelihood that your post will be shared. 

Although it’s overall more important to have high quality content,  if you’re debating between an image or video ad - choose video. Numerous studies conclude that video ads almost double engagement compared to image ads and lead to a 20-30% higher conversion rate. 

Create Value and Provide a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Consumers are inundated with ad material on social media, so it’s crucial that your ads and posts feel as organic as possible and that you tap into their desire to find value in a new product or service. Show customers how your brand or service solves their problems — and since we’ve focused our content to a specific target audience, we know what those problems are. 

Having established value, provide your readers with a clear and irresistible call-to-action. Create urgency with the ability to save money if they act immediately, or communicate that space is limited. Their fear of missing out will drive engagement with your CTA as long as you make it clear what they might be missing out on. 

We Can Prove It

We helped create video ads for our friends in the Chick-fil-A markets in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The ad was placed on Facebook and Instagram with a targeted audience of potential customers in the Philly and Pitt areas. Their marketing director was able to track 20k store visits as a direct result from the video ad.

Let Us Take the Advertising Reigns for Your Brand

As a business successfully navigating the current economic landscape, we understand how to navigate the advertising landscapes of Facebook and Instagram. We want to translate that expertise to your brand’s everyday marketing needs and help you manage your social media advertising campaigns. 

Want to find out more about how we can help create ads, track analytics, and help your organization establish an overall social media marketing strategy? Reach out to our team and let us know how we can help your brand grow.