How to Use Analytics to Prove Social Media ROI

The experts at Remedy Films regularly leverage analytical tools in order to maximize the impact of the visual marketing content we create and manage for clients, and we’d like to share some ways you can gain better insight into your social media marketing efforts prior to a collaborative meeting with our creative team. Follow along as we outline four examples of how you can utilize analytics to determine where your social media content needs attention in order to maximize the return on your investment in our visual marketing content services.     

Four Analytics You Can’t Ignore

Because social media platforms rely on revenues generated by advertising and companies engaging across their platforms, it’s in their best interests to provide some level of access to the analytical data showing engagement metrics that brands need in order to make informed decisions on how best to create and position content. In this piece, we’ll first cover the scope and importance of Google Analytics. We’ll follow with three examples of specific data analytics you can access on most social media platforms that are crucial to understanding the performance of the visual media in your social media marketing campaign. Let’s dig in! 

Google Analytics

Perhaps one of the most important tools in your analytical toolbox, Google Analytics is accessed through the use of various tags embedded into your website and content to connect to Google’s powerful data gathering platform. These analytics reveal which pages help convert visitors into leads, and how visitors arrived at those pages. This becomes a way of determining the effectiveness of your content across social media platforms. Because this inbound traffic can be sourced back to specific calls to action, it becomes one of the best methods for determining the success or failure of your visual media content to draw convertible sales traffic to your website. Are viewers making it through your videos, engaging with your pictures, or watching your animated shorts, but stopping short of your strategically placed links back to your website or sales landing page? The tool also breaks viewership into demographic groups and allows you to determine if you’re attracting the right viewers for your brand, and other levels of insight you can use to reposition and strategize. 

Number of Views

One of the most important data points reveals views of the post by users. Actual views by human users are often timed events and tracked as activity on a page once they’ve triggered that they are, in fact, on the page to interact with the content in more than just a cursory glance. These view counts can provide a level of social proof to your content - high view counts and positive interactions will invite engagement from other visitors, higher shares of your content will engage other users, and deeper engagement with visual content will lead to traffic generated by calls to action and subsequent conversions. Content without views means users are skipping your videos or scrolling past your visual media, and you will likely need to take a different approach on that platform moving forward to increase the effectiveness. 

Engagement and Retention 

Using your retention and engagement reports, you can actually dial into user behavior to find out how visitors are viewing your posts, how long they spend reading or viewing content, where in video content they leave off watching, and what they do when presented with your calls to action. With data also showing user viewer behavior while viewing videos of similar length, you can gain insight into how to restructure videos and animation in order to capture viewer attention long enough to reach your call to action. 


Demographic data will tell you which segments of the user population are interacting with your social media posts and visual content and how they are interacting with the content. Are they watching and subsequently visiting your website, or are they only sharing with their social networks? Because demographics determine which platforms are being shared to and content is being viewed from, these reports also help identify how a user arrived at a post. This can be an indicator of where you should be focusing your efforts to target the appropriate segments of your customer base. 

Limitless Data At Your Fingertips

Remedy Films offers social media content creation, management, and analytics for our clients, because we understand the importance of social media to a company's reputation and growth. We accomplish this through exceptional photo, video, and animated content as well as creative copy for use in our clients' social media marketing campaigns. Remedy Film’s team of creative professionals are here to support our clients’ social media efforts by offering our expertise in analytics to showcase how our social media content can champion their campaigns and lead to new leads, sales, or other metrics of positive return on their investment.