Why Produce a Hiring Video? Rumi’s Kitchen – A Case Study

When it comes to attracting a wider audience online, video wins. A great brand video is engaging, compelling, and generates traffic towards your business. What video can do for generating traffic and sales, it can also accomplish for attracting a targeted, qualified talent pool when it’s time to grow your business. We had the opportunity to work for Rumi’s Kitchen to produce a hiring video that was designed from the earliest stages to attract amazing talent to their growing restaurant business. 

Rumi’s Kitchen: A Case Study in Excellence

Rumi’s Kitchen is a restaurant in Sandy Springs, GA, along with two other locations, that specializes in Persian food. Rumi’s Kitchen was preparing to open a fourth location in Washington, DC and needed a strategy to attract amazing talent for the new location, as well as their existing ones. We recognized the challenges Rumi’s Kitchen faced and worked with them to develop a recruitment video they could share through social media and on their website. 

Rumi’s Kitchen has a customer forward mentality that’s central to their business model. They needed to attract talent that not only agreed with this philosophy but exemplified it through their professionalism and attention to detail. 

We took a multi-tiered approach to Rumi’s Kitchen’s hiring video that involved a combination of personalized interviews with their talent, along with action shots that developed a storyline and communicated the core values of their growing, successful restaurant. 

It was important to Rumi’s Kitchen that their video deliver their brand image but show potential new hires what it’s like to work in their restaurants on a daily basis – the culture, camaraderie, excellence, and an unyielding dedication to cultivating true professionalism in their staff. 

Through our strategic approach, we were able to highlight everything great about working for Rumi’s Kitchen and produce a video that attracted a wide talent pool to fuel their expanding restaurant business.  

How Restaurants Can Use Recruitment Videos 

The quality of your staff is what drives the success of your restaurant business. When you want to attract new guests to your restaurant, and entice the loyal ones to come back, video is the form of content that delivers exceptional results. It only makes sense that video helps you reach the highly qualified candidates you want to meet, while presenting your brand in the most compelling, inviting light. 

  • Video helps boost search engine results. This means more connections with qualified talent.
  • Brand promotion. Video helps prospects learn more about your brand, and if you’re a good fit.
  • Saves resources. Recruitment videos help you save time and money in bringing new talent on board. 
  • Stay competitive. Successful businesses know how to use the digital space to their advantage and video allows you to compete for the most qualified talent. 
  • Attract new industry talent. The restaurant industry thrives on fresh talent. Video attracts a younger demographic, meaning you’re also more likely to capture the attention of those with amazing talent that are just starting out in the industry. 

Discover How a Hiring Video Can Help Your Business Today

When you have a message to deliver, video is the way to do it. It’s time to move away from stale job boards and lifeless social media postings when it’s time to grow your team. Reach out to the digital branding services in Atlanta that know exactly how to highlight your brand and bring new talent to your door. Contact Remedy Films in Atlanta to learn more today.