How to Formulate the Best Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Have you noticed that more businesses seem to be investing in video marketing than ever before? It could be that they’ve observed an undeniable trend in how the average internet user is spending their time online. Last year, a report by Nielsen revealed that adults in the United States are devoting 6 hours of their attention to watching video every day.

This is an incredible window of opportunity in which businesses, like yours, can reach out and engage with their audiences. With more businesses jumping on the video bandwagon, having a solid video marketing strategy in place is non-negotiable.

Not sure where to even start in formulating the best video marketing strategy for your business? Here are a few first steps to getting started.

Getting Personal with Your Audience

For video to be successful and help build a stronger connection with your audience, it needs to elicit a response that’s emotional on some level. This isn’t going to happen with generic video content that focuses more on your business than providing value to the person watching it. You might have a great brand story to tell, but unless you deliver it in a way that compels the viewer to watch, you’re not going to get the response you’re looking for.

You might have the demographics of your audience down to a science, but do you know what makes them tick or what compels them to watch your video just a little longer? Try closing your eyes and picturing your target audience watching your video. What are they looking for, and what is their response? What story can you tell that touches them on an emotional level?

Define Goals and Outline a Plan

For a video marketing strategy to be effective, you need to have a firm idea of what you want to gain from it. Are you looking to boost traffic to your website? Transform leads into conversions? Build brand awareness on social media? These are just a few examples of goals you might have, and each requires a different approach to video marketing.

This includes identifying which types of videos you want to use in your strategy. For instance, do you want to give your brand some personality with a video that makes your audience laugh, or are you looking for something that moves a lead further through the funnel, like a customer testimonial video?

Work with a Professional Digital Media Agency to Maximize Results

With so many businesses competing for attention in the same space, quality is everything when it comes to video production. Quality production elevates your brand image, instills trust and keeps your audience’s attention. A professional agency can also help you through the challenges of developing a strategy that helps you achieve goals and optimize the return you get from all your efforts.

Invest in Top Quality Video Production

When you need a partner in formulating a solid gold video marketing strategy, Remedy Films is the branding and digital marketing agency in Atlanta you can trust to build visibility, trust, and authenticity for your brand. Contact Remedy Films and speak to one of our video production experts about developing a strategy for business today.