Why You Should Choose a Production Company Familiar with Your Industry

Video is one of the most effective means of establishing your brand’s presence online. Long gone are the days of flat, lifeless corporate video. Today, all of that has been replaced with video content that informs, engages, entertains, and compels. However, to make all of this happen, you need a specialized, professional approach to strategy development and production. 

This is where many businesses hit a snag with their video production. They’re more than well aware they need the help of a digital media agency but have no idea where to turn or what to look for. Like basically every other consumer today, they turn to Google which repays in kind by supplying them with a long list of video production agencies to choose from. 

There are several areas of expertise that matter when it comes to video production but for your corporate needs, one is especially important – familiarity with your particular industry. 

Of all the details to look for when choosing an agency for brand video production, why is industry experience so important? Let’s take a look. 

They Understand How Your Business Works

Most production companies in Atlanta have experience in multiple industries, which means you’re probably not going to find one that specializes in your industry alone. That said, a production company that has experience in your industry is going to have a more concrete idea of how your business works and how to help you achieve your goals with corporate video. 

Their understanding of how your business works means there’s less time spent on learning the basics, and more time spent in the discovery phase where they roll up their sleeves to dig deeper into your audience, and how they’re going to deliver your message to them. 

Engagement with Your Target Audience

Depending on your target demographic, tapping into what inspires engagement can be a long process of trial and error. Not all markets are straightforward when it comes to creating compelling content that engages them, and a production company that has experience in your industry is going to have a significant advantage in doing so. 

They Can Help You Strategize

Successful video production is about more than just the end product. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating, refining, and producing a quality product. An intimate understanding of your industry will enable a production company to help develop a strategy that’s designed for performance out of the gates. They’re more familiar with your goals, and the best processes for reaching them. This means less downtime in your video marketing strategy caused by going back, tweaking, and re-strategizing. 

Connect with Corporate Video Production in Atlanta with Experience in Your Industry

Video marketing is a worthy investment for your business, and the return is going to be even greater when connecting with one of the production companies in Atlanta that has experience in your industry. At Remedy Films, we’ve worked one on one with many industries in the Atlanta area and we have the hands-on experience to produce results with video production for your business. Contact the team at Remedy Films today to learn more.