Make ‘Em Laugh: Why utilizing humor in advertising is not a joke

There are countless theories and tactics that can be used to create marketing content with the ability to draw in leads. Converting these leads into customers, though, is a step beyond simple brand awareness and often requires adding to the distinction of your product or service by designing and implementing the most memorable inbound marketing content. A tried and true method of doing this involves incorporating humor into your efforts.

Proven Success in the Video Era | Change to more engaging

Let’s take a closer look at how attempts at humor have succeeded beyond expectation in past projects and how this solution can be tailored to fit your industry. The heyday of the highly produced television commercial spots, which provided some of the most iconic comedic marketing attempts, has become less important as a delivery method.

We, at Remedy, had the privilege of concepting, scripting, producing, and editing a fun and comedic brand video for one of our clients. Brand videos don’t always have to be serious or complicated videos, as long as you communicate the brand voice and identity to the audience, your audience will relate to it. For this client, we concepted and scripted a comedic video while making sure to send the client message: we can save schools time, money, and headaches in the hiring process.

Why does humor work? 

Making your audience laugh forms a subconscious connection between their enjoyment and the product or service. Simply put, people like to laugh, and they will associate this feeling with the company that produced it, without being sold or pandered to in an uncomfortable way. 

However, as with all marketing strategies, make sure comedic advertising is on-brand for your company. 

Why Remedy?

In order to successfully reach target consumers, video marketing has to be concise, memorable, and high quality. Current metrics also show that it is vital to develop content that can be consumed quickly, either as auto-playing ads on websites or brief spots between YouTube videos or streaming television and movie content. Humor is the best way to grab attention and be memorable. 

Our team has worked across countless industries to create targeted media that will leave an impression. We have implemented humor into campaigns that help to create a sense of community among viewers, increase brand recognition, and even encourage consumers to return and view advertisements that have given them a laugh on earlier viewings.  The most successful humorous ads resonate with the public’s sense of humor so extensively that links to the advertising video are passed on to others and go viral.  This requires no additional investment of time or capital by the client, and is the most sought-after result of a comedic commercial because the joke or amusing character becomes inseparable from the brand.  This can drive sales and brand recognition for years to come.

Let Comedy In Marketing Videos Drive Your Success

Working with Remedy can give your business the jumpstart it needs to become recognizable well beyond local boundaries.  Our team of experts will carefully analyze your product or service and accompanying goals to create content that will put smiles on the faces of your customers. Contact us today to get started on your next video project.