10 Marketing Must-Dos When Starting a Business

Every day, new organizations open their doors for business, but not all startups will last long enough to find success. Failure down the line can often be tied back to missteps in the marketing strategy or lack thereof before opening for business. Setting the groundwork for success requires a marketing directive and strategy that is geared toward brand awareness.

Bringing Your Business To Life, One Step At a Time

As we’ve supported the journeys towards success for our clients, we’ve identified 10 marketing must-do’s that should be on every business’s early-stage itineraries.  

Find Your Audience

In the early stages, as you establish the service or product that you’ll be offering to potential clients, you should sit down with your leadership team or the founders as you call yourselves now, and identify, discuss, and land on your brand voice.. Use this to identify the right target audience that you will use later to build much of your marketing strategy. From there, the brand voice should then pivot to begin molding your new brand identity. 

Build Out Brand Assets

With a brand voice and vision defined, the next step is to work with a marketing team to build out the brand into assets such as logos, taglines, and other materials that can be used to build out your brand presence across the online real estate you’ll be claiming in the steps ahead. For example, the Saving Lives Fitness team partnered with us to create their brand assets.

Google My Business

Aside from establishing your presence on social media platforms, the most impactful thing you can do in your first steps towards owning your brand is establish your presence on the Google platform. Establishing your brand on the platform requires you to claim and format your business page, complete with contact information, SEO details about services and products, and images relevant to your location or your brand. 

List Yourself On Different Search Engines

Once you’ve established your presence on Google, do the same on Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and other search-based platforms, using the same information, images, and descriptions you used on Google. The most important thing that you can do for future SEO consistency and effectiveness ensures your information is consistent across every channel, especially your address and contact information. 

Get Your Name Out on Industry Platforms

In the same way, you’ve established your presence on known search engines, you should seek out and set up your profile on appropriate online business and industry directories.

Get Social

There are several major platforms, but for now, depending on the type of business you’ve created, we’re focusing on creating social profiles on Facebook and Instagram and supporting your presence there with a mixture of profiles on Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and any other relevant platform where you can reach the appropriate audience with targeted content. 

Start Networking On LinkedIn 

We didn’t include LinkedIn as a social media platform because, in the pandemic era, business networking requires an entirely different approach than business-to-client networking across other social platforms. The ability to create B2B ties across industries and pivot those relationships into potential sources for leads makes your activities on the platform a crucial part of your marketing strategy. 

Build Out a Marketing Strategy

Once all of these preliminary steps have been accomplished, it’s important to meet with your marketing team to lay the groundwork for your ongoing short- and long-term marketing strategies that will inform your business’ actions over the next 12 months.

Create Content and Get Connected

You registered your brand on every platform, and you’ve set the groundwork for your path forward over the next year. Now it’s time to start creating content and interacting with the traffic on your social media pages to get traffic flowing and build buzz. 

Partner With A Resource

As a small business or startup, it’s not likely that your staff has the depth of skills, knowledge, or even time to handle IT, marketing, communications, operations, or sales on top of managing services or production. Managed services in some shape or form are a requirement. With the primary role marketing plays in the overall business model, it’s best to partner with experienced service providers to establish the best path forward in these uncertain times. 

Your Trusted Digital Media Agency

At REMEDY, we help your business create a bold brand that can be leveraged across your marketing strategy. If your organization doesn’t have a strategy already in place, or if you’re a new business with no marketing assets or online presence to speak of, we can guide organizations like your own towards success.