How to write social media copy like a pro

A key strategy in marketing and advertising is to always put your copy where the potential customers’ eyes are already focused. Creating engaging and interesting content that is already keyed towards their interests and needs is an ideal approach, and one of the most powerful tools for accomplishing this over the years has been for brands to create targeted blog content. 

As social media platforms have become increasingly central to our digital engagement - studies show that in 2020, the average Internet user spent almost 2.5 hours a day on social media, it’s become necessary to shift your content generation efforts over to these platforms. There are some differences in how to approach content on social media that if handled properly can drive traffic more effectively along with your inbound lead generation funnels and increase overall conversions.

Social Media Copywriting Goes Against the Norm

Social media copywriting is a completely different animal from the average blog you post biweekly on your corporate page, and it’s not even on the same level as sponsored content across various advertising channels. Social media copywriting requires your brand to collaborate with experts who understand the balance that needs to be embraced and the different aesthetics and approach that you’ll undertake together.

Get Personal with Social Media Copywriting

Users expect corporate engagement across social media to be on a more personal level. Your business can maintain professionalism and still write copy that engages people on an individual basis, providing a more personal and focused experience. Done correctly, every reader will engage with your fresh approach to social media copy as if each post has been written directly for them, boosting engagement and increasing engagement with calls to action.

Don’t Write Without a (Be)cause

Your inbound marketing strategy is a complex series of funnels and calls to action guiding your readers and those engaging with your brand through a tangled web of content, all intended to land them smack in front of your brand’s strongest lead conversion marketing specialists. Social media copywriting shouldn’t be an afterthought that you shoehorn branding into. Instead, every post must have a goal - increase brand recognition through increased shares, generate more inbound traffic to specific products or services through targeted calls to action, or just increased exposure by drawing in new followers are all valid goals for your social media posts. Ensure that you’re using the same language, links, and overall marketing infrastructure common to your existing campaigns, so that your writing supports rather than distracts.

Each Platform Has a Unique Audience

There is a wide range of research that has already been done on what types of content work best on each platform, when posts should go live, and all of the other strategic elements that go into the constant struggle to outperform the competition in a digital space. Do your background research and learn what kind of content works best on each platform, and make sure to have plenty of visuals and video content to back up your words on the page, as most platforms give precedence to visual content supported by strong written descriptions and calls to action.

Follow Trends But Stay on Brand

Your copywriting team should be active on social media and aware of trends across the platforms. They need to have the strategic mindset to know which trends or “memes” that your brand can take advantage of without overstepping and posting material outside of your existing crowd’s comfort level. A well-placed bit of clever copywriting can result in viral re-sharing activity that will generate increased followers and potential new clients.

We’ll Help You Tell The Stories You Need 

You might have a copywriting solution in place, but our team at REMEDY understands social media and how to combine powerful narratives with amazing visuals and graphics. Work with our team on your next social media marketing campaign and elevate your copy to the next level.