Announcing REMEDY’s LED Wall And Virtual Production Services

Over the last 14 years, the REMEDY team has traveled all over to shoot compelling content for clients from all industries.  Starting this Fall, our LED wall will enable us to provide virtual production services in our Buford, GA studios, allowing your team to save time and money with the ability to change locations without a company move. As a fairly new technology, LED walls for virtual production are not easy to find in the Southeast, but our commitment to producing tech forward digital media means that we are providing our clients with the best digital marketing has to offer.

What Is a LED Wall?

Most people are at least aware of green screens to produce special effects in videos but LED walls take this process to a whole other level. Instead of simply filming over a blank space that will need to be edited and replaced with images later as with green screens, LED walls allow our professional digital marketing agency to provide a more intuitive real-time filming process from the onset.

Advantages of an LED Wall for Virtual Production

Like so many other industries, the film industry has gone through a lot of disruptions since the onset of the pandemic. Using the newest technologies and sophisticated equipment like LED walls allows REMEDY to offer virtual production services that are just as good, if not better, than traditional filming. Consider some of these benefits of using a LED Wall in your video marketing campaign. 

Instant & Custom Adjustments on Set

Even the best planned film project will require multiple changes throughout the filming process. On a traditional set these changes are time-consuming and costly as crew members physically move locations. Production time may be lost as needed items are secured and lighting is adjusted. With an LED wall, you can make the exact changes needed to best tell your story with minimal interruptions or editing. For example, need a sofa removed or added in the scene? Our LED wall operator can easily make those adjustments in an instant. 

Create And Change Visual Effects

When using an LED wall, entire backdrops and landscapes can be replaced without any significant delays. It is now possible to experiment with visual effects without creating a permanent change to the final product unless it works. Creative freedom without risk allows for experimentation until you achieve the perfect result.

Reduced Need For Travel

Travel restrictions have halted filming on many types of projects. Remedy’s LED wall lets us film virtually anywhere without having to leave Georgia. This means no travel costs, no delays due to travel protocols, and lower risks of contracting illness or undergoing accidents. 

Intuitive Filming

Because LED walls actually display the background and effects that will be present in the final product, actors can interact with these elements as if they were really in the studio. No more staring into a green screen and imagining where a building or virtual prop will stand. The end result is a realistic shoot in which you have control over every element of filming.

Virtual Production With an LED Wall in Buford Georgia

If you would like to experience all the benefits of customized on-location filming without the hassles, REMEDY can help. Tell us about your project and learn how our LED wall can enhance your results.