Agency vs Freelancer: Which should you pick?

When creating a marketing campaign, businesses have several options for digital asset creation. They can hire a full-time in-house specialist team; which is an expensive and complex undertaking. Another option is hiring a digital media agency to act as your business’s marketing department, and a final choice is finding and hiring a talented and specialized freelancer. 

More Rounded View vs Specialized Perspective 

Are you looking for a more rounded view or a specialized marketing perspective? Freelancers often fall into the trap of specialization to establish a niche in which it’s easier for them to bid and compete for work. As a result, they become known as specialists for specific types of projects in specific industries. This is a viable model for smaller businesses looking to supplement small-scale, targeted marketing efforts, such as social media initiatives, a single video shoot, or another visual media deployment. 

However, for larger-scale projects or projects anticipated to involve both the need for industry expertise and competitive innovation, digital media agencies bring something else to the table.

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One Off Job vs Partnership

Do you need a one off job or are you more interested in a marketing partnership? 

To freelance is to hustle endlessly. To get the most out of the freelance working arrangement, freelancers often structure work engagements in a mix of long-term and short-term engagements. These gigs are often set up ahead of time, allowing little flexibility for jobs to run long or for immediate follow-up engagements. 

With a team of specialists, digital media agencies are afforded more flexibility in follow-up, long-term working relationships. Ongoing marketing partnerships of this type require less pre-work, as the digital team will already have much of their client’s data on hand to work from for subsequent marketing materials. This can also result in more affordable rates with less billable time spent in the planning stages and more in the stages where the final product will have a  gradually improving return. 

Large vs Small Scope of Work

Do you have a larger or smaller scope of work? Unless they have an exceedingly robust network of contacts and business partners, freelancers are often one-man shows. While they can be extremely formidable contributors, the complexity and scope of the strategies and campaigns they can execute will be limited by how much of your team can be dedicated to the process, or how much outsourcing you are willing to do.

On the other hand, a digital media agency comes with a dedicated team of marketing professionals. This allows your staff and the agency’s support team to create multi-platform marketing initiatives, knowing that each step will be well supported by the full staff dedicated to supporting your success.

You Can Work with REMEDY | A Digital Media Agency 

Remedy’s approach to digital media marketing provides extensive benefits over other service models. With years of experience in meeting the marketing needs of clients across multiple industries, the Remedy team is hard to match when it comes to being able to create a range of marketing materials and strategies. Our experience helping our clients tell the stories they need to tell provides a marketing experience unmatched by the competition. Learn more about our award-winning approach and find out if it’s right for your organization’s next marketing initiative.