Why you should work with a full-service digital media agency

Marketing as a managed service can come in many forms, as your marketing strategy is made up of a variety of channels and content. Across the market, you’ll discover firms that specialize in brand building, some that are known for video production, while others specialize in creating branded strategic content for use across multiple social media channels. If it’s an activity or content that can be leveraged to help build and grow your brand, there’s a strong chance that there’s a specialist niche-based service provider specializing in that service. 

Spreading out your marketing strategy needs across multiple service providers can get to be extremely expensive and possibly cause unexpected shortfalls in the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. 

The solution? A full-service digital media agency.

What Is a Digital Media Agency? 

A digital media agency is an all encompassing agency providing photo and video content as well as other digital marketing services. Specifically REMEDY, provides photography, videography, website building, branding and social media services to our clients. Why should you use a digital media agency though?  It’s important to understand the marketing landscape in question and the businesses that specialize in marketing there. Now the focus for many agencies lies in mobile devices, search engines, and social media platforms - essentially shifting advertising and marketing efforts to where their audiences are spending most of their time. 

As we mentioned above, digital media agencies can be extremely niche-focused, with some drilling down their services to single platform marketing solutions. Consumers utilize multiple channels, and to get the most value out of your marketing efforts, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive and cohesive overall strategy that can then be broken down and geared towards individual niche channels. This is where full-service digital marketing service providers come into play. 

Cohesive Strategy and Analytics

Hiring a full-service digital agency means that you’re conceptualizing your marketing strategy from an overarching point of view and forming your overall strategy to that theme. There’s a unified goal to everything that comes after that can’t be achieved easily in trying to collaborate marketing initiatives across multiple vendors and outlets. 

With a single agency setting the groundwork, it will be easier from the start to establish metrics for success and to track their performance. These analytics will be relevant from all channels because the same team is tracking, collecting, and correlating data to a centralized goal. 

Don’t Get Lost in Translation 

Working with separate vendors means little collaboration which can lead to a lack of unified strategy across the various vendors. Worst case, your overall marketing strategy fails across multiple channels due to a lack of cohesion, while at best you’re going to lose time and efficiency in having to manage all of those relationships.  Using a single vendor capable of providing support across all digital channels comes with an inherent sense of teamwork and a solution-focused approach in all directions.  

Dealing with a single vendor means that your team is dealing with a single account representative rather than one from each agency. Streamlining the communication process improves efficiency and streamlines your accounting processes as well.

REMEDY | A Digital Media Agency

Have you been searching for “a digital media agency near me”? While we are known for our work as video production specialists, REMEDY doesn’t want to just be there for your business for a single project and then never work with you again. We pride ourselves in being your marketing partner. We’re honored to have worked with some of our clients for many years and these clients know they can rely on us for marketing ideas geared for their specific audiences. Our goal is to create long-lasting partnerships with our clients and over time become an indispensable tool in their marketing strategy. 

We create multiple deliverables for use across social media, client websites, and Amazon commerce as well as all major e-commerce platforms. We’d love to start the conversation about how we can partner with your company this year to create engaging content for your digital media marketing plan.