Why Storytelling Is Your Brand’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

In the past, the marketing industry had trended towards marketing strategies built on strategic advantage and quality of customer service to help differentiate themselves. 

Customers are now gravitating towards marketing that resonates on a more personal scale.  They are leaning towards products and services that are essential but can also communicate on a more human level. 

Connect Your Story

Marketers who understand how to effectively leverage storytelling elements in their work can create more impactful content across all mediums. Structuring content with narrative has several advantages to the final product that helps increase the impact and convert leads.

Without an overarching narrative, marketing strategies can seem to be a group of disjointed appeals to buy a product to which you have limited emotional attachment. Binding those strategies together with a powerfully engaging story gives your services and products an emotional weight that will support the underlying vision and mission of the brand.

Customers Will Listen to A Story

The average consumer might have an increasing interest in the visions and missions of the brands they consume, but that doesn’t make the average corporate mission statement come across as anything but jargon. Using a brand story to encapsulate the complexities of your brand’s driving goals allows you to better convey the value you bring to the table.    

With little actual product or service differentiation in the marketplace, brands often rely on high levels of customer service to set them apart from the competition. With the shift in consumer interests, powerful and engaging stories are becoming brands' go-to strategy for standing out in a crowd.  

We were able to partner with the Chick-fil-A Markets in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to help tell the story of how Chick-fil-A inspires care in everything they do. Through the story of a powerful relationship between a grandfather and his grandson, we were able to communicate that through their products and services Chick-fil-A makes their customers’ lives easier and better. Watch “Chick-fil-a | Made to Order” below.

Video Is a Powerful Way to Tell Your Brand’s Story 

Regardless of the medium, storytelling is a powerful tool that increases customer interaction. Using storytelling to tie together a video marketing campaign increases viewer engagement and can increase the overall ROI of the video material. Case studies have shown 

“brand storytelling can drive campaigns to generate upwards of 300% return on the investment.” 

At REMEDY, we help our clients communicate their own marketing efforts through powerful visual and video marketing content.