3 things your customers are demanding from your brand this year

New trends and behaviors started to emerge last year due to the best efforts of some of the most innovative marketing firms finding ways to help the brands they represented find their footing and path forward. Here are some of the major trends to continue implementing in your 2021 digital marketing strategy.

1. Social Responsibility

Consumers have become extremely discerning when it comes to the brands they are choosing to interact with online and as consumers. The focus, while still somewhat on the value of the products they offer, has shifted to how businesses are responding to social justice movements and other events that impact communities across the United States. Consumers have started seeking out businesses that openly give back to their employees and donate to organizations that give back to local communities. 

How impactful has the pandemic been on consumer brand loyalty? A recent study showed that 75% of consumers changed brands at least once in 2020. The path forward lies in ensuring businesses maintain a strong ethical approach to conducting business and continuing to support their communities and employees.

If you can, capture the moments where your brand is giving back. In March of 2020, we teamed together and provided groceries for the North Gwinnett Co-op to help those being immediately impacted by the pandemic. Our team was able to catch some shots and edit this piece together.

2. Basic Benefits

With continued uncertainty and unemployment, consumers are being extremely careful in their spending, with many saying they will either spend less or shift purchasing habits to less expensive products. In order to respond to this, businesses should continue to shift messaging and services to focus on essentials and maintaining value at the same time. Focus on the basic benefits that come from your product or service at this time and create messaging to show the value there. 

Let’s create an example. Do you sell umbrellas? Stick to the basics and don’t try to tag on additional features to drive their cost up. 

This is NOT your marketing message: 

“Our umbrellas have a new type of rubber handle, high-tech waterproof material, and new dome shape. Buy OurUmbrellas today!”

That example focuses on the features of your product which frankly, people don’t really care about. Instead, try something like this:  

“The rain shouldn’t ruin your day. With OurUmbrellas, get where you need to go and stay dry the whole time.”

This focuses on the benefits your customer will receive from your product. New high-tech waterproof materials and a dome shape don’t mean much to your customer. But, if you tell them your product will keep them dry all day and they won’t have to worry about rain rolling off the umbrella, etc. now you have their attention.

3. Shift of Focus to Ecommerce

Consumers desperately need ecommerce solutions, and businesses that are already established ecommerce providers should focus messaging on the solutions in place to capture more market share. And in order to thrive in 2021, businesses traditionally considered to be physical shopping outlets should strive to build online shopping platforms and focus marketing on driving traffic to these new ecommerce solutions. 

Here’s how we helped MetaboHPT create engaging Amazon product videos to increase e-commerce sales this year. 

Embracing Social Proof Marketing and Driving Consumer Engagement

The drivers and trends outlined point to a need for a focus on increasing brand visibility and integrity. Businesses can accomplish this through branding and advertising designed to create social proof and positive brand awareness. 

One component of such an advertising strategy is the effective use of video to communicate across social media, promote products, and increase return on marketing investments. At REMEDY, we help our clients to create and execute the types of video marketing content that will successfully influence consumer behavior and ensure our clients can communicate not only the value of their products and services, but also the integrity and essential nature of what's on offer. Learn more about our video production and marketing services and set yourself up for success in 2021.