Day: August 5, 2021

Why Storytelling Is Your Brand’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

In the past, the marketing industry had trended towards marketing strategies built on strategic advantage and quality of customer service to help differentiate themselves. Customers are now gravitating towards marketing that resonates on a more personal scale.  They are leaning towards products and services that are essential but can also communicate on a more human level. Connect […]

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Why you should work with a full-service digital media agency

Marketing as a managed service can come in many forms, as your marketing strategy is made up of a variety of channels and content. Across the market, you’ll discover firms that specialize in brand building, some that are known for video production, while others specialize in creating branded strategic content for use across multiple social […]

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3 things your customers are demanding from your brand this year

New trends and behaviors started to emerge last year due to the best efforts of some of the most innovative marketing firms finding ways to help the brands they represented find their footing and path forward. Here are some of the major trends to continue implementing in your 2021 digital marketing strategy.1. Social ResponsibilityConsumers have […]

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