Why you should create brand awareness videos

Consumers once focused only on product value as a way to differentiate between brands and now they base brand loyalty more on how responsible and ethical they perceive a brand to be.

As a result, the marketing industry is pushing clients to do what they can to re-establish and re-present their brands to the public. Developing new methods of building awareness and drawing consumer attention are of utmost importance in these new marketing strategies, and given the strength of the medium, many are leveraging video in that process. We’re encouraging businesses to create new and exciting brand awareness videos and the role those videos play in the overall inbound marketing funnel.   

Why is Brand Awareness Important? 

Despite shifts in the reasons why consumers are latching onto different businesses and services, brand awareness has always been a foundational role in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies. We say foundational because brand awareness is not just an important component in a brand’s marketing strategy, it’s the first step in the inbound funnel for most consumers.

Focusing on your marketing efforts on building brand awareness - that is, a consumer’s ability to recognize and recall your business - helps keep your brand top of mind when they’re searching for solutions to a business challenge. 

As a first step in the inbound funnel, brand awareness leads to other important strategic marketing initiatives such as

  • expanding and maintaining audience attention 
  • increasing web traffic from new channels 
  • building loyalty
  • converting leads

Perhaps the most important element of building brand awareness is that you can use the tools at the level of building brand awareness to in turn improve the perception of your brand. Few tools have the power to accomplish this as video content. 

See how we helped our friends at 21 Tequila create a brand awareness video for their products.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Let’s be honest, no matter which channel you focus your brand-building efforts into, it’s going to be a difficult battle to stand out amidst the noise. However, with video, you can alleviate some of those pain points and reach much of your target client base. 

Marketing professionals have put significant stock in video as an advertising medium, with 86% of all businesses using it at some level of their strategic approach. It’s a powerful ROI-driver for 87% of those who use video across various channels, and in point of fact, the pandemic has made it an even more powerful tool for 91% of the marketing industry at large. Let’s dig into how to leverage video in your brand awareness strategy.

Giving Back Is Important to Your Brand Image

Don’t just talk about the causes that are important to your brand. Show your brand giving back and making a difference in the community relative to those causes, and show people how they can also get involved. 

Show consumers how your brand has evolved and changed to meet the needs of the community and employees in this difficult time, and share firsthand accounts and testimonials of your brand’s role in improving the lives of consumers and employees alike.

Create Bold Content with REMEDY

Understanding why you should be using video in your inbound marketing strategy is only half of the story. Now it’s time to build a brand awareness campaign powerful enough to influence consumers to your cause. At REMEDY,  our full-service digital media team can provide you with the creativity and production support you need to increase brand awareness and outshine the competition.