How to Make the Most Out of the Content You Create

One of the most versatile marketing assets that can achieve significant traction across multiple channels is long-form video. Depending on the purpose and topic of the long-form video used as a source, it’s possible to create multiple pieces of smaller video content that can be used to advertise products and for other purposes across other platforms.

Let’s break down the kinds of video content that makes for effective multichannel marketing source material, and how best to cut down source material for different channels.  

Social Responsibility 

Consumers want to know that the brands they consume are acting with integrity and involved in community improvement. Creating video content that showcases what a company is doing to give back or donate to the community can go a long way towards building brand integrity if cut down and distributed across the right social media channels.

At REMEDY, we partnered with re:imagineATL in our social media Dares for Dollars event. We asked our social followers, friends and family to pay for our team to do a variety of dares where all proceeds went to re:image ATL. Re:imagineATL is an organization that trains, equips, and inspires Generation Z (ages 11 - 24) to build careers in the creative and digital media industries

REMEDY was excited to partner with a team who is committed  to providing youth with educational opportunities that build their real-world skill sets, both technical and soft, to prepare them for careers in the entertainment and media industries.

Product Videos

Similarly, consumers want to know that the products they are purchasing are not only valuable but meet an essential need. Highlighting all of these factors in separate video clips from the original product video can accomplish multiple goals in different channels to redirect traffic to the appropriate ecommerce landing point. 

We created the project below with MetaboHPT for their new product launch of The Tank. We created a main 1 minute long video along with social cutdowns of various lengths and dimensions.

Tutorial and How-To

Consumers right now are looking for value and education about products or services they intend to use, to ensure that the products or services are both affordable and provide value. By showing how products and services work in the real-world, videos can reveal the many ways a brand can reduce their expense and solve various problems in their lives. 

Testimonials and Social Influencer Reviews 

Using the voices of others to tout the benefits of your services or products is one of the strongest forms of video content that can be leveraged across multiple channels. Breaking down single videos of product reviews and influencer interviews into multiple snippets extends the reach and the impact of a single marketing asset.

Create Small Bites 

So, we’ve established we can use different types of video for multiple purposes. But what’s the best method of cutting down a video and repurposing it? What lengths work best on what platforms? According to Hubspot, the following breakdown is the most effective approach:

  • 2 Minutes:  Long-form video should be no more than 2 minutes. They should appear on the appropriate landing pages for the product or services they depict and utilized on your YouTube page if that platform is part of your overall strategy. 
  • 1 Minute: Facebook users gravitate to videos around 1 minute long that allow them to share quickly and move on to the next snippet of content. 
  • 45 Seconds: Twitter’s brevity and fast-paced feed makes short and punchy content the most impactful on the Twitter platform. 
  • 30 Seconds: Instagram’s users are already in the mindset for processing visual information, so short, visually engaging, and high-impact content does best with users. 

We’ve Got You Covered 

The power of video is in storytelling, and at Atlanta’s REMEDY, we make sure we create video content that can be modified or cut down to tell the story of our clients’ brands in the most impactful way across any platform. To learn more about video campaigns we’ve helped to create, you can check out our portfolio, and contact us to get started on your next project.