How to increase your Amazon sales in Q2

Why is video marketing so powerful? The power of visual marketing, in both images and video, continues to drive consumer behaviors and drive business success. It’s important that you as an eCommerce business operating on Amazon understand the importance of the images and videos you are using to represent your goods and brand. Let’s delve into how to best utilize high-quality images and video on Amazon, and the impact it can have on client behavior on the platform.  

One of our longtime partners, SharkBite Plumbing, came to us wanting video and photo content for their Amazon products. We were able to create an engaging set to provide them with digital content to lead them to sales growth on Amazon. 

Put your best ads forward

Consumer behavior on Amazon is highly scrutinized via advanced analytics and a number of trends have been identified from the vast number of clicks, scrolls, and interactions across the platform’s various interfaces. As you look to adjust and track the performance of your current product listings, consider the following:

Which is more important, photo or copy? Photo!

Online, you lose the impact of the customer holding your product in their hands and therefore have to rely on the images you’re allowed to include in your listing. And what’s been determined is that 63% of consumers are more interested in your visuals than the time you’ve spent writing the perfect product listing. 

To get the maximum impact from the images on your listing, Amazon allows eCommerce sellers to include up to 6 different photos. One of these images will be treated as the main listing image, and then the other 5 will be shown on the page. In order to maximize the impact of your listing, you can rotate your six images to find the most effective mix.

The right pics for the job

How do you determine which images to include? Here’s what the data says is most important to showcase:

  • An image that conveys the benefits your product offers to consumers.
  • Actual product size relative to other objects. 
  • Infographic showing components or providing guidance on usage.
  • Image breaking down product features
  • Show the product in use
  • Build trust by showing the customer the packaging so they know what to look for on the shelf or to expect in the mail.
  • For apparel and other appropriate items, show various product angles.
  • Take a lifestyle shot of the product in a candid setting to give the product a sense of place and purpose beyond your product description.

Is video important for your Amazon listing? Yes!

Amazon has also added the ability to add a video to your product listing. There are significant restrictions on the content to ensure your advertising content remains fair and in line with the spirit of positive brand marketing. 

Here’s some tips for your video content on your Amazon product listing: 

  • Short, succinct, and high-resolution 
  • Showcase your product in a way that doesn’t make boastful or untrue claims
  • Types of videos often used by sellers include testimonials, product introductions, and product promotional materials
  • Videos generally have the highest impact in the :15-:30 second range. 
  • Focus on benefits and what sets their product apart from the competition.