Why you should plan a video marketing campaign

In the last four years, we’ve seen a significant shift in the importance of video content marketing. Starting in 2017, social media platforms started touting the importance of video content, but it remained simply one tool amidst a competent marketing team’s arsenal of assets.

However, over the next two years, video marketing content gained traction and momentum with consumers. From 2019 and throughout what marketing professionals could salvage from 2020, video content came to represent the foundation of entire marketing campaigns.  

In 2021, brands need to truly leverage the power of video content marketing. Let’s look at the differences between the impact of a single marketing video and planning out an entire marketing campaign, as well as provide some guidance on planning your next campaign

See the first of a multi-video campaign we’re creating with Chick-fil-A Market Level Marketing Team:

What’s the Value of A Video Campaign?

In making a case for shooting a video campaign, it’s important to first understand trends surrounding consumer behaviors relative to video marketing materials.  

Why Video Marketing Is Powerful

Of all types of content across social media and marketing platforms, from blogs to emails and newsletters, consumers prefer video content. How strong of a preference? 

Video is Valuable Everywhere

When it comes to profitability, few avenues of marketing provide a stronger, more consistent return on investment than video marketing. Whether we’re talking about explainer videos appearing on product pages or marketing content appearing throughout the inbound marketing footprint, video content can lead to an 80% increase in conversion rates. When used with other marketing methods, those methods experience significant boosts in efficacy; for example, when used in marketing emails, videos drive an increase in open rates of 19 percent. Video is extremely useful in retargeting social media visitors, with 93% of businesses reporting gaining business from social media visitors due to video content. 

Use Video Throughout A Campaign Strategy

Your multi-platform marketing strategy can be strengthened by video content, regardless of the distribution channel. That’s because video can be leveraged to tell different stories about your brand, explain your product, educate visitors, or help build loyalty and brand awareness. The versatility means that videos allow 83% of businesses to report positive ROI, with content overriding quality in the minds of consumers. 

See how we were able to help SharkBite plumbing with a video campaign here:

Plan Your Video Marketing Campaign With REMEDY

Our team can help your brand determine your marketing goals, identify target demographics, and ultimately figure out how you want to tell your brand’s story. Once our team has worked through the details, you can be assured that we will help to keep your campaign on track.