2021 is the year you decrease mass marketing efforts and increase quality lead gen

Targeted LinkedIn Ads Play An Important Role In Brand Awareness and B2B Lead Generation

Your advertising efforts on the LinkedIn platform will be inherently different from your goals with Facebook and Instagram. While Facebook and Instagram are about creating connections and leveraging social proof at a consumer level, LinkedIn’s platform is geared more towards connecting businesses and business professionals and your advertising should reflect that.

Just like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see higher ROI with video ads on LinkedIn. Video posts on LinkedIn are shared 20x more than other formats and 9 out of 10 viewers said they wanted to see more videos from brands and businesses. If you need help and/or direction with video production, we’d love to start a conversation today about how we can partner with your brand to create bold digital content together. 

Don’t Copy Your Facebook Audience 

As a platform designed to make business connections, your goals should revolve around drawing in businesses at a level higher than the individual consumer. While your core methods of building off of social proof remain the same, your goals on LinkedIn should revolve around leveraging various networks to generate new contacts and B2B leads with organizations that might not be aware of your brand but in need of the business services you provide. At that point, you then drill down your audience to include individuals with titles who are able to make the necessary business decisions to convert the contact into a sale. 

You Gotta Pay to Play

The CPC and PPC market on LinkedIn is highly competitive since the space is inherently smaller than Facebook. This makes advertising somewhat more costly, and harder to leverage, but if monitored properly, the right advertisement can convert to sales on a scale beyond that of Facebook. 

Take Advantage of the Details

LinkedIn advertisements take a different format from traditional advertisements. There are many routes you can take with your LinkedIn ad. 

Depending on your ultimate goals, you must first choose the objective of your campaign:

  • Website visits 
  • Engagement 
  • Video Views 
  • Lead generation 

Choose how you want your ad to be displayed:

  • Sponsored content in order to build leads.
  • Text ads designed to build brand awareness.
  • Sponsored InMails to create personal connections with business decision makers

And target your audience based on any of the below mentioned: 

  • Job Title
  • Company 
  • Education 
  • Experience Level
  • Interests 

Let’s Look at an Example...

For example, are you a paper company selling a variety of paper products to businesses? Are your salespeople continuously striking out? Is your employee, let’s just give him a random name of Jim Halpert, not getting the results he used to from cold calls? Then, it’s time to switch your approach and take advantage of LinkedIn ads. Here’s an example of what your ad audience would be: 


Website Visits if you can purchase directly from your site OR 

Lead generation 

Ad Display Location: 

Sponsored content in order to build leads 

Target Audience: 

Job Title- Director of Operations, Operations Manager, or Office Administrator 

Location: United States + Scranton, PA

Company- Fortune 1000s 

Experience Level- Job Seniorities: Director, Manager, Owner, Partner 

  • You want to target the decision makers who would have the authority to make you their vendor for all their paper needs 


Logistics Management

Relevant Copy and Engaging Visuals 

Just like with Facebook ads and really any ad you create, you want your audience to understand the connection between the visual and copy with the offer you’re providing. If your ad creates confusion, you’ve lost the sale. Also, it won’t come as a surprise that video ads outperform static ads when it comes to engagement and conversions. See below a recent video ad we created specifically for our LinkedIn audience.

Create Together

We can’t stress enough that quality and on brand advertising is what amplifies your sales. We at Remedy have 13 years of experience helping our clients create converting video ads on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to partner with your team to begin creating engaging ads for your social channels.