You don’t have to be intimidated by video marketing

Whether you’ve worked with us in the past or you’re a new client partnering with us for video production work, chances are you’re somewhat intimidated by the video production process. Maybe you’ve never shot a video before and you have no idea what to expect or maybe you have created video marketing footage with us in the past and you’re not sure how we’re going to make this work with the challenges from 2020 and those that continue in 2021. 

In either case, the advice of our team of video production experts at Remedy is the same: Don’t Worry. We’ll lay out the video production process and what to expect at each step so that our teams can focus instead on creating the powerful and engaging video content you need for improving engagement with your own client base. 

The Creative Process

You can come to the table with some ideas about the product or service for which we’re going to create video content together or we can start from scratch and build out a concept that best works for your brand. Expect us to take your information and help you craft it into a vision for your advertising material that may be different than your vision. We pride ourselves on creating bold video marketing content that increases engagement, communicates on brand and amplifies your sales.

Pre-Production Is On Us

At this point, it’s best to let the video production company do what video production companies do. We have the vendor relationships and years of experience planning in order to handle setting up the location where we’ll be filming, getting talent in the door, and handling the logistics of the shoot - wardrobe, catering, and all of the bells and whistles. We won’t just make decisions without you, you’ll decide how much you’d like to be involved. We also ensure we’ve gotten approvals before moving forward with locations and talent.

You’ll Be Needed “On Set” for Production

The process of shooting due to current restrictions is limited to essential onset personnel only. However, we live in a day and age where distance isn’t an obstacle. If you and your team aren’t able to make it on set, we can accommodate. We’ll set up our unique live stream service to allow you to remotely view the production, allowing you to view every camera angle and action in real time and provide feedback throughout the whole process.

Post-Production and Editing 

Once we’ve shot the main footage and a sufficient amount of B-Roll, we’ll start the process of assembling your video according to the script and dialogue we’ve agreed upon and work through the editing, coloring, and other technical processes necessary to bring your vision to life on the screen. Throughout this process, you’ll be able to provide feedback to our post production team as they send over initial versions of their edit. There is no limit to rounds of revisions with Remedy. Our difference is that we make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product. 

A Production Process You Can Trust

We don’t want our clients to feel like the video production process is this big mystery they can’t be a part of. That’s why at Remedy, we work with our clients hand in hand throughout not only the initial creative process, but throughout filming and post-production as well so that we ensure the final product is in-line with their mission and marketing requirements. Looking to shoot a project? We’d love to talk to you today and see how we can help you bring your vision to the screens of your clients.