What your marketing plan should expect in 2021

It feels strange having the discussion about what to expect in 2021, but let’s face it, the COVID-19 pandemic has absolutely shattered any sense of normalcy in the marketing and advertising industry. Inconsistent economic recovery, though, has gradually allowed Deloitte, Gartner, and other research firms to get a handle on what to expect for this year. 

At the core, marketing and advertising firms have seen consumers place increasing importance on brand credibility. Brand loyalty is now being driven by consumers’ ability to trust that an organization will act with the best interests of society as a driving factor in business practices. Tapping into this trend, many organizations are adjusting how they do business. Here’s our expected marketing and advertising trends that will shape the industry’s recovery and set the stage for the coming years. 

The Increasing Importance of Acting with Purpose

In the new landscape of marketing and advertising, brands have to understand that their messaging must extend beyond profitability and brand survival. Every activity intended to draw in customers must have an underlying focus on contributing to the good of society and delivering what has been promised, thus keeping the needs of consumers ever-present and at the forefront of messaging. 

Creating Content With Educational Purpose

Advertising and marketing initiatives and campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, but 2021 will see a continuation of the most effective marketing content being that which both educates and provides value to the consumer. Creating conversations via social media about how a brand’s product or services can improve or help customers are more powerful and will continue to add more value to marketing campaigns than any other form of content. 

Watch below how we partnered with RWC and SharkBite Plumbing to create powerful content to encourage the next generation to take up the trade of plumbing. This educational and inspirational video got over 64k views on just Youtube alone. Videos like this create conversation and can bring more exposure to your brand.

Connecting Products and Services To Consumers Authentically

There’s a growing focus on safety and products designed to improve quality of life over affordability or being the first to market with a product. Consumers would rather know that you’ve sourced your raw materials ethically and created a product they can trust rather than it being the cheapest or most readily available. 

An Evolving Template of the Successful Marketing Professional

Many agencies are streamlining their core teams to include only high-level professionals who can manage projects and teams. As they take on various projects that require additional skill sets, they are leveraging contract workers to round out the ability to deliver on specific projects. This allows marketing firms to minimize overhead and completely flex to the needs of their client base. The focus of the core team will be on content creation, data analytics, and insight, and staff focused on building out owned and earned media to maximize the value of content creation without externalizing advertising costs. 

Two Key Trends in Technology to Keep Up With

While the above trends are more focused on strategy and structure, marketing executives can expect to spend much of their time focused on two key movements in advertising trends. 

First, AI-driven content marketing analytics will become a driving factor determining what type of content we create. Data and the ability to use that data to inform strategy will be at the core of every decision we make, as it helps to keep costs tight and focused only on what is working rather than allowing our teams to flail without direction or purpose. 

Second, a shift in smart mobile device usage will lead to a shift towards voice-powered search. In simplifying the search methods being used, content marketing will become an increasingly important pursuit. Search engine optimization will become extremely important and change how we write and structure content. 

Still At The Core of Your Organization’s Growth: Video Content

At the heart of each of these trends moving into 2021 is a marketing trend from previous years that will continue to have a powerful impact: video marketing. Video, as a digital channel, will come to surpass all other advertising channels, positioning Remedy as a facilitator for your organization’s future success. To learn how we can help usher your organization’s marketing strategy safely into 2021, reach out to our team today.