People couldn’t stop watching these videos in 2020

Video content provides one of the highest returns on investment in marketing and advertising. Its value stems from the versatility of the medium, which allows it to be leveraged across multiple platforms and meet a number of different marketing needs. In 2020, this was especially useful as marketing budgets were slashed and brands focused only on advertising mediums that resulted in growth or improved brand recognition.

Here’s some of the most impactful and engaging videos to emerge out of 2020 in order to show some of the marketing strategies that helped businesses recover in 2020 and set the groundwork for success into 2021.  


A good portion of the most impactful commercials in 2020 came out of advertising that took place during the NFL’s Super Bowl. This is generally the case annually, as the Super Bowl is one of the premier live events held every year, and is considered one of the best opportunities to present products or services to the largest audience possible. There were other high performing ads as well. Here are some examples of commercials that had the biggest impact on brand visibility, evidenced by their being nominated for Emmy Awards: 


  • Amazon’s “Before Alexa” commercial highlights the modern solutions the company’s products offer to users. In order to highlight that value, the commercial parodies life before the voice-activated personal assistant and shopping experience. 
  • Jeep’s “Groundhog Day” commercial leverages the popular classic movie “Groundhog Day” to inspire in viewers a mix of nostalgia and the thirst for adventure.
  • Apple’s Airpods and the “Bounce” commercial focuses on the brand’s impact on the lives of users and the positive mental state using their products could induce.  

YouTube Sensations

Home to many brands’ and influencers’ long-form content, the YouTube platform in 2020 provided viewers with access to a mix of socially conscious videos as the top-trending content. 


  • The first episode of “Some Good News With John Krasinski” came at the start of the pandemic and continued to draw viewers to other videos in the series in the months to come, offering a positive point of view at a time when such was in short supply.
  • Dave Chappelle started doing shows during the pandemic to live audiences in Ohio where he lives. In June, Chappelle posted a fairly long monologue entitled, “8:46”, a  reference to the recent death of George Floyd. The video was one of the top-trending videos of the year and spoke to a need for societal change echoed by many other brands and organizations throughout the year.
  • The SNL cold open uploaded to YouTube on October 4 was a parody of the recent debate between presidential candidates, and was one of the top trending videos of the year. The popularity of the comedic skit showed just how much of a break from political rhetoric the public needed by that point in the election process.   

Social Platforms

Video content remained a top driver of social media traffic in 2020 across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Here are some examples of the strongest performing videos across platforms: 


  • Tide took the opportunity in an advertising campaign to parody other brands’ successful marketing content in a way that strengthened Tide’s own messaging
  • Squarespace used Facebook as a platform for showing how to create a web presence based around your personal brand, using Keanu Reeves as the face of the series of videos.

With social awareness and integrity a driver of consumer behavior, one of the most viral videos to grace 2020 was posted on TikTok by a user @420Doggface208. The video depicted a gentleman riding a skateboard to work and drinking from a bottle of cranberry juice, with Fleetwood Mac playing in the background. The exposure afforded him by the video led to him receiving a number of gifts from businesses wanting to make a difference in the man’s life.

Tapping Into Video Trends to Boost Your Brand

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