Make Digital Marketing Your 2021 Resolution

Even the best laid digital marketing strategies couldn’t have anticipated or survived the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. As companies struggle to get their footing, the state of marketing and advertising remains largely unknown. It’s important to look at how consumers and businesses’ behaviors have pivoted in order to strategize for 2021. 

Video, Always

With all of the following tips, what will help exponentially increase your brand awareness, engagement and overall ROI is to incorporate video content in each element. With mobile video content rising by 100% every year and viewers retaining 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text, it’s clear to see that video content is what will help your business survive and thrive. 

We’d love to start the conversation with your team about how we can partner together to amplify your sales through engaging video content. 

Email Marketing Engagement

One place marketers are having increased success in reaching customers is with open rates and response rates in marketing email engagements. While customers are making decisions slower, they are engaging much more actively via email. Constant Contact reports that for every $1 a company spends on email marketing, they can expect to earn $38 of revenue on average.  Email marketing is so successful because it allows you to directly and consistently engage with your customers. Plan to increase and focus on email as a method of engagement for the foreseeable future. Need tips to start your email marketing campaign? Here’s some useful info to get you started.

Customers Care About What You Stand For

Customers have the time and means to dig into the backgrounds of the brands they are consuming, and they want to deal with brands they find interesting and sensitive to current events. Ensuring your inbound funnels are ready for the influx of web traffic, you can build engagement through this simply by ensuring your blog and website are leveraging interesting video and written content to attract users. Creating and maintaining an engaging and informative online presence should be one of your primary goals throughout 2021.  

Show Why You’re Essential 

Organizations are limiting spending and consumers are limiting buying to essentials and comfort products, increasingly considered essentials. Businesses are viewing expansive and complicated marketing campaigns as non-essential costs and cutting back to activities that are primarily focused on customer retention and guaranteed revenue generation. One thing businesses looking to survive need to do is pivot towards services or products that are seen as essential, either to other businesses or to the everyday consumer. Increasing your relevancy in the conversation when businesses decide which services to include will help greatly.

Take Your Events Online

People are looking for ways to interact with others, even virtually. If you hold conferences, training sessions, or other gatherings, virtualize these events. Even if your attendance might suffer, you’ll save money holding the event virtually and this will give you exposure moving into the new year as a brand that is remaining relevant and actively engaged with its base. Plan for these events to continue into the foreseeable future in order to create a buzz around your brand that once business returns to usual, your customer base will already be there, waiting. We understand there are challenges and learning curves when entering the virtual event space, but we can help. We’ve successfully helped multiple clients hold virtual events and tradeshows this year. We’d love to talk about our live-stream services and how we can partner with you and your team to create a successful virtual event.

Don’t Panic; Just Stay On Your Toes

If 2020 taught businesses anything, it’s that it’s crucial to maintain a fluid and responsive approach to the economic landscape in which you operate. Focus your 2021 strategy on short-term profitable wins while laying the groundwork for future long-term stability through increased engagement online with your customer base. Let Remedy help you maximize your online impact by creating engaging video content for deployment across your website and social media. Easily connect with our team and learn more about how we can help you.