Your 2020 Digital Marketing Guide for the Holidays

As we enter the holiday season of 2020, many businesses are frantically re-envisioning their previous holiday ecommerce strategies. Traditional marketing strategies aren’t going to cut it.  Let’s face it, Facebook is right when they say in their 2020 Global Shopping Insights document that this holiday season will not look like any other year in recent memory. We want to echo their sentiment that sharing gifts with loved ones, in whatever capacity possible, is going to be extremely important this holiday season due to the effects of Covid-19.  

We’d love to help you create a holiday marketing strategy with branding, web, video and photo content that will increase your sales during this season. 

Boomers and Gen X Are Crushing the Online Shopping Game

Marketers and retailers have spent the last few years gearing e-commerce experiences to capitalize on Millennial shopping behaviors. Product presentations and videos targeted at the socially conscious and more discerning Millennial constitutes a completely different marketing strategy than that taken to attract and convert Gen X and Boomers. In fact, before the pandemic, only Gen X came close to their successors’ online shopping behavior. In the months since Covid-19 started impacting the US, Boomers and Gen X naturally had to adapt their shopping behaviors, resulting in over 80% of this demographic using online shopping platforms. However, their online holiday shopping behavior was increasing even prior to the pandemic, with an average yearly increase in online holiday e-commerce traffic of 50%. 

You can capitalize on this trend by creating a seamless online experience but also creating video and visual content that speaks to these demographic groups specifically.

Show You Care

Shoppers this season have been experiencing one of the toughest years in recorded history when it comes to the economy. At the end of the day, they will be focused on affordability, authenticity, and action. While affordability has always been a driving factor in marketing, this year’s marketing must also show how brands are giving back to a struggling community. Consumers want to see you use and leverage what you have to show what causes your business has supported and how you’ve given back to others in need. 

What Do Customers Want This Year? 

As positive as we all want to be in the face of adversity, the economic impact of the pandemic will continue through to the end of the year and more likely beyond. This means families will be even more conscious of their spending behavior throughout the holiday season. Price will be a major concern going into the holidays, as will the need to avoid crowds. These factors combined have retailers anticipating significant mobile and e-commerce traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Help your customers find gifts for themselves, friends and family by refining and accelerating the purchasing cycle for buyers with automation, machine learning and engaging visual content throughout the entire process. Don’t start when it’s too late!

Are You Ready?

It’s time to up your e-commerce game and be prepared for the holiday season. At Remedy, we specialize in creating powerful branded content that speaks to your audience demographics and you effectively convert leads into sales. Don’t wait, reach out today to learn more about how we can help you tackle your marketing this holiday season.