Think Big, Shop Small: Small Agencies Have Big Ideas

When it comes to the advertising industry, small agencies have a number of advantages over the larger corporate players. Smaller marketing agencies are better suited to help your brand navigate the challenges of marketing by giving you a personalized experience free from the issues that come with larger agencies. 

If you’d like to talk to us directly about how we can partner with your business, we’d love to connect. Whether it’s videography, photography, or branding we want to start the conversation with you. 

Smaller Can Be Better

Businesses looking to establish a strong marketing plan and create advertising content might assume engaging the services of a larger agency is best. But what they might be missing is that large marketing agencies are built to churn through clients and often cannot provide the individualized and personal attention you need in order to thrive. We work with our clients every step of the way. Our clients are involved from the first creative meeting to the final deliverable and have constant communication with the same people.  

You Have Our Attention

At large agencies, your meetings with account representatives are likely to be rushed, impersonal, and geared towards bringing your project inline with the agency’s standards of quality, which may not be inline with your business aesthetic. You might even end up dealing with multiple representatives who are relying on the notes of others to manage your account rather than actually getting to know you. At smaller agencies, you’re consistently and directly interacting with the same team on a regular basis, providing a level of consistency and efficiency to the relationship, so you won’t have to rehash your brand’s needs and your overall marketing goals in every meeting.  

More Creativity and Flexibility

Big corporate media agencies can be less spontaneous and creative and more inline with an overall corporate strategy. Often, accounts are managed at a high level, and you’re not meeting with the creatives or even the decision makers. You’re dealing with an account manager whose job is to filter client requests and requirements up through strict channels of communication. And, on top of that, an account manager typically oversees dozens of accounts. At smaller agencies, you’re more likely to deal with the creatives who are doing the work themselves who get to know you and your brand and who have the creative freedom to bring your ideas to life in new and exciting ways without having to run it through committee. 

Small Team Big Dreams

Large agencies tend to hire to expand business and don’t seek out unique personalities as much as they do individuals that fit into their overall culture. Over time, the same types of hires can result in an uninspired, stagnant approach to customer service that is only focused on acquiring more business and not as much on providing a unique and targeted experience depending on the client’s needs. 

In small agencies, you’ll be meeting with the people working on your projects. Since smaller agencies are looking for individuals able to think around corners and handle any number of challenges that might come their way, you’ll be dealing with a more dynamic and engaging group of individuals whose goal is to meld their unique approach to your company’s needs. 

What’s Waiting For You At Remedy?

Small marketing agencies are the lifeblood of the marketing and advertising industry. The small agile agencies, like Remedy, provide businesses with superior creative products designed specifically around your organization’s needs. We’ve shifted our approach during these challenging times to help organizations better interact with and engage with customers across marketing channels and social media, and we look forward to seeing how our accessible team of experts can help your business succeed