Attention, Creatives! You Need a Break…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2019, full-time employees worked an average of 8.5 hours a day. According to a poll held by the Search Engine Journal, about 38% of us match up to the average, but a majority of respondents (48%) claimed to be working at least 9 hours a day. Working long hours with no break or mental recuperation can be exhausting and have a negative impact on productivity. With huge swathes of the workforce only now returning to work from several months of working remotely due to quarantine measures, a return to business as usual in the office setting is going to be particularly challenging. We at Remedy value company culture and a healthy work environment. So we wanted to give some of our best practices for stepping back from the day and loosening up, in order to keep our minds sharp, active, and engaged to maximize our productivity in the workplace.

Things We Can Do Physically and Mentally

We spend a lot of time at our desks or in a chair with our head down and our mind immersed in the creative endeavors at hand. We get it; this can feel just as exhausting at the end of the day as running a marathon. Below, we’ve included some tips for keeping the mind sharp and replenishing ourselves throughout the day.  


We don’t mean you should bring a change of clothes, drop down and give us 100 pushups at your desk. If that’s your jam, you can, of course. But, our point is that sitting down for extended periods can slow down blood flow and give you a feeling of sluggishness. Get up, walk around the building, go outside and do some jumping jacks or cartwheels. Anything to get up, get moving, and get the blood flowing will help any lethargy you might feel, especially in the afternoons following lunchtime. 

Plan Your Snacks and Meals Accordingly

Much of the feelings of having a mushy, tired brain at work can be attributed to your eating habits throughout the day. Plan meals around brain-boosters and avoid snacks that will spike and crash your blood sugar.

Go Outside and Get Some Fresh Air

Just the sight of the outdoors through a window can be a mental refresher. If you’re starting to feel like your mind is winding down, head outside and get some air. Take a walk around the building or if your office is near a garden or path, take the chance to take a brief walk to get your mind back on track.

Be Intentional and Plan Out Your Coffee or Caffeine Intake

If you rely on coffee, teas, energy drinks, or supplements for caffeine intake, make sure you treat them as you would sugary snacks - in moderation and spread throughout the day - in order to avoid the associated crash. In moderation and spread out, caffeine from coffee and tea and other sources can keep our brains focused and sharp, but if you go all out too soon, you’ll have to prepare to pay the consequences later.  

Keep the Right Mental Approach

Much of our exhaustion throughout the workday can be attributed to the mental stress of maintaining extremely challenging standards, especially goals that might not be realistic relative to the current economic landscape. It’s crucial for your mental focus and ability to remain active and engaged to follow two fairly simple rules of engaging with your work:

By ensuring you have an invested interest and understanding of what you’re doing, you’ll remain more actively engaged and able to focus on the task at hand. 

Let Us Take Some of the Stress Out of Your Work Day

One of the things that is keeping you at the desk is your workload. What if you were helping to oversee and manage a video or marketing project rather than having to execute it all yourself? Remedy is here to help support your marketing needs. We can supplement your video production and photography needs as well. For more about our services, schedule a call today and let us know how we can help take the stress off.