Get to Know the Culture at Remedy Films

There’s nothing quite like working at Remedy Films, and a big part of what makes this such a fantastic place to work is the unique culture we’ve worked so hard to build. The following is a look at what makes the culture at Remedy Films so special among production companies in Atlanta, and why our work environment is one that works for every single one of our employees.

#1 Taking Time to Have Fun

Like any business, things can get pretty busy here at Remedy Films, and it can be easy to feel stressed out during those busier times. We combat that by doing fun team building activities whenever we can, whether that be a staff lunch, an escape room, a movie, or even some wake surfing at Lake Lanier. We understand that sometimes it’s important to relax and bond as a team, so we make that a priority.

#2 No Doors

Doors are barriers to communication and collaboration, which is why we literally do not have any doors in our office space. Our work atmosphere is an open one, with desks that back up to one another, side-by-side with no dividers or cubicles. That makes it easy to check in with one another and make the most of our team-focused environment.

#3 Tell-All

Part of that open communication is complete transparency with the people who work here. The investment each person has to the company and to the other people on the team is what makes the environment here authentic and creative. We went everyone to speak up when they have an idea so we can bring the best of them to life for our customers.

#4 Give It Away

Another thing we value here at Remedy Films is charity, which is why we make sure to donate a significant amount of money every year to Re:Imagine ATL. It is a nonprofit organization that equips the next generation of storytellers to take part in programming, camps, and workshops designed to connect youth with resources and mentors that give them the best opportunities for bringing their art to the world.

#5 It’s All About Fit

More than anything, we want to find the right people for the culture of our team. We know that there is a need to “staff up” as the company gets larger, but we’re not willing to hire just anybody. We place a premium on finding the right people to make sure they fit into the culture we’ve got in place at Remedy Films.

#6 Blurred Lanes

At many workplaces, employees are asked to “stay in their lane,” but that isn’t our philosophy here at Remedy Films. We like “blurred lanes” that allow employees to have different roles and provide versatility to the team. This helps to keep egos in check and make sure everyone feels and acts like they’re on an even playing field.

Working at a brand photography agency in Atlanta like Remedy Films is a gift, for the above reasons and more. If this work environment sounds like a great fit for you, by all means consider us when the time comes to look for a new employment opportunity. We obviously value a certain type of employee, and we’re always looking for the next great addition to our team of professionals!