What Not to Do in a Rebrand

While there are any number of legitimate reasons to put your business through the complex steps of a rebranding, the first few steps are generally the same: conduct a competitive analysis and use the resulting insight to write a creative brief that will become the foundational document outlining your goals in rebranding and the steps you’ll take moving forward. A key component to this process includes brand video production to update existing material and create new videos to communicate the changes to your organization. To help you successfully execute this re-envisioning and avoid a rebranding disaster, Remedy Films wants to share some of the most common mistakes companies make in the brand video production process in the search for a new vision and aesthetic. 

Five Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Visual Media That Supports Your Rebranding Efforts

The rebranding process will be invasive and it will touch almost every component of your business, from your letterhead to your website. If your company has been executing a successful marketing strategy over the last few years, chances are you have a number of video clips and visual content deployed across multiple channels and social media platforms. Rebranding means that all of this content - and future brand video production that you have in the pipeline - will benefit greatly from a solid provider of video brand storytelling services to support the transition process so as to avoid these common pitfalls. 

Don’t Get Distracted By Industry Trends, Support Your Vision

The rebranding process is an attempt to align your organization bottom-to-top to a new aesthetic and vision for your company. When strategizing and planning out revisions to your visuals and video content, focus on ways to best present your vision to potential clients and the competition. What your videos and images should not do is rely upon the latest gimmick making the rounds in your or other industries. Animated animals, musical spoofs, sweeping epic multi-layered story arcs, can only be as effective as the degree to which they first and foremost help to show your client base the new standard that they should expect from your brand moving forward.

Avoid Creating Content Not Targeted at Your Intended Audience

With a rebrand might come a shift in the target demographics of your audience, requiring a subsequent shift in the type of content, your tone, and the related aesthetics of the videos and photos you will use to show your brand’s new story. Failing to adjust your brand video production process to fit the demographics of your new targeted audience can leave you with a stack of content that’s pretty to look at but resulting in zero engagements or conversions at the end of the day. 

Don’t Make Claims In Your Content That You’re Not Backing Up in Practice 

Branded videos and visual content give companies the chance to show their brand in action and to share with existing and potential clients what to expect in the course of conducting business. The worst thing that you can do is create a perception of service and culture in your branded video storytelling that doesn’t match up to how you actually conduct business. Ensure that the culture you’re conveying in the rebranding process is one to which you’re holding your staff accountable.   

Don’t Create Content Just to Create Content, Highlight the Rebranding

Visual media and corporate videos should support your marketing strategies and initiatives you have in place. Video and visual media should be made to serve a purpose, even if that purpose is to highlight your rebranding and communicate to your existing client base what to expect from your brand moving forward. 

Don’t Assume Customer Perception Will Change Immediately

With the proper planning, you can actually execute the basic steps in a corporate rebranding over a fairly short period of time. With the support of the right provider of video brand storytelling services, and solid budgeting, your content can hit the web as quickly as you need it to happen. However, depending on the scope of the changes you’ve made to your brand and the products or services you offer, it might take time for the market to respond to your fresh narrative. Let your new content do the heavy lifting and focus instead on community building and client engagement while the target audiences adjust to your new inbound funnels. 

Brand Video Production You Can Rely Upon 

Video brand storytelling services play a crucial role in the rebranding process. The narrative you can tell with the support of a skilled and efficient video production team will set the tone for the future success of your brand as you transition and shift to offering new services and products. At Remedy Films, our collaborative approach helps you avoid these potential missteps and keeps your brand moving forward.