Why Your Business Needs a Professional Social Media Video Strategy

Remember back a few years ago when the word on the streets was your business needed to be present on social media to boost visibility and remain competitive? In the early days, businesses that made any sort of effort on social media had a huge competitive advantage. Today, everyone is on social media which means businesses need a more strategic approach to stand out and stay on top. 

Social media video has become the strategy for getting noticed and generating crucial engagement on social platforms. Why is social video such an important element of your digital marketing strategy? Let’s take a look. 

Social Media Video Expands Your Reach

Social media always has been, and remains, an incredible tool for expanding your reach into a larger customer base. In the past decade, the number of consumers that use social media has grown exponentially. Depending on the demographic your company needs to reach, the percentage of consumers using social media today ranges from 40-90%, with those in the 18-29 age group coming the closest to full social media saturation. Even if the 18-29 year old group isn’t your target audience now, they will be soon enough. And with social media video only growing as the landing pad for advertisement, it is safe to bet that your target audience will be reached by social media videos.

Your potential audience on social media is massive, but they’re not going to just fall into your lap. You need a tool that captures their attention and attracts them to your company. This is where video outshines any other type of content on social media. Professional looking video that speaks directly to your audience is the number one way to capture their attention on social media today.  

Video Appeals to Mobile Social Media Users 

There’s something that every business on social media needs to take into consideration – social media users love their mobile devices and that means they’re also keen on video. Estimates tell us that as many as 90% of mobile consumers consume videos on their smartphones. Video-focused social media sites like YouTube have noticed mobile video consumption growing year after year. 

Considering that the portion of digital consumers using their mobile devices to connect and engage with businesses on social platforms is growing even as we speak, devoting resources to professional quality social video is a strategy that gets businesses noticed in an increasingly crowded social space. 

Audience Engagement Is a Major Indicator of Digital Success

We’re all familiar with the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, if you take every frame that appears in just a short video, you’re communicating over a million words to your social audience. This seems excessive, but the point is valid – video communicates more emotion and elicits more engagement than text or a single image could ever dream of. 

Your ability to generate engagement is crucial to your success on social platforms. Engagement expands your reach and proves to social networks that you’re providing a more meaningful experience for your audience. 

Let Us Show You How Powerful Social Media Video Can Be

Ready to get a taste of the success that a professional approach to social media video can produce for your business? We’re the Atlanta-based production company that knows exactly how to create an exceptional branded video experience for your social audience. Contact Remedy Films and speak with one of our video specialists today.