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The Selfless Freelancer…?!

Since the time I was a senior in High School(2006) ‘til about a year ago I was a freelance shooter and editor. The freelance world is tough and at times it feels like it’s you vs. the world. You’re never quite sure how the next month will be or where that next big gig will […]

MIDWAY | a film by Chris Jordan

This is a really powerful yet very unsettling look into the effects of how our culture lives and how it affects many things that are never seen. WARNING: May contain graphic images unsuitable for people that get super sad when they see super sad things.  

Inspiring Stories {I Like Adoption}

An inspiring story of unconditional love, family and God.  These kind of stories can only be told with this kind of impact through film.  What an amazing tool a camera is, that it can fully capture the story being told here. Enjoy.